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yabConcept Creator This yab IDE was programmed from the ground up new. We have added some new ideas into it which facilitates the work considerably. We have made sure that the work with the IDE for beginners and experienced programmers, interesting and helpful. If you have idears of bug reports send us a mail at Something you need to know then you test this application Features 1. All yab commands are available included the ide. Just open the Tags menu and select the command you need. If you do an double click on one of the commands the command will be written into the opend editor (not the first Editor-Tab (Output)). If you do a single click on one of the commands you get informations about the command in the first editor tab (output). 2. Then you run or build a sourcecode you will switch to the output tab, here you get all needed informations 3. The most of the commands icons have an extended menu, do a right click on it to open the menu. 4. All examples and expierience examples are write protected, you does not can overwirte them. 5. The backup option create a zip file of your program then you activate it in the options. Here you can set how often it save you source (running by mouse clicks). All backup files are stored into your project folder (/backup). The backup restore option bring back your backup file, here you can overwrite or add as new file. 6. If you drop a file on the ide, the file opend in an new editor. 7. You only can open 7 files at one time! 8. Open last opened documents 9, Using the ASCII table to enter protected sign into textparts of your software. Known Bugs 1. You does not can use copy and paste (yab 1.7 bug). 3. Only running on Alpha3 gcc2 (Some new features in yab 1.7 makes problems by compiling it on newer Haiku versions, we hope they get fixed in a newer yab version.) Fixed Bugs 1. Activation of all menu options past open a new file. 2. Renaming the options of the editor menu, here are Editor 1 to Editor 8. We change it to Output, Editor 1 to Editor 7. 3. Changing yab version in the settings. Last alpha the app stores the yab 1.6 version into it. Now the yab 1.7 is the default yab version. 4. Add menu graphic "paste". 5. Deactivation of functions then no editor are open (Buttons, menu options). 6. Change entry of the yab commands, so you does not get "blue" or "green" as output by boxview. 7. Changing process of "starting in workspace" (menu option). If you change the option to start in another workspace it allways start in this workspace then you start it. 8. Changing options Workspace: Here you can select Workspace 0, we change this to 1. 9. Then you change options and press takeover all menu options set to "no document open". Fix this, if a document is opened, the menu options will be activated 10. Licence window: If you disagree the close button will deactivate again. 11. Backup and Backup restore runs allready now Future Features 1. Then there is a stable new yab realese for gcc4 Haiku builds we want to make a gcc4 build of your IDE 2. Adding templates 3. ...