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# YAB yab | yet another Basic for HAIKU === Yab is a complete BASIC programming language for Haiku. Yab allows fast prototyping with simple and clean code. yab contains a large number of BeAPI specific commands for GUI creation and much, much more. yab-IDE is a powerful development environment, which of course is programmed in yab itself. Compiling --------------------- run `make`in the directory. type `gcc -o yab-compress yab-compress.c -lz` in `/yab-IDE/BuildFactory`. LICENSE: Artistic License -- Create your own stand-alone binaries with yab under any license you want. AUTHOR: jan__64 yab homepage: IRC channel: Network: Freenode Channel: #yab Other Packages --------------------- BuildFactory is in a new package Yab-IDE is in a new package Yab-Documentation is in a new package