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3D-Curve.yab 100644 1.7kB
AllInOne.yab 100644 5.9kB
BoxWorld.yab 100644 1.87kB
ButtonWorld.yab 100644 1.53kB
Calc.yab 100644 4.15kB
Changes_to_1.7.9.yab 100644 14.9kB
Checkbox.yab 100644 1.03kB
Clock.yab 100644 902B
ColorDemo.yab 100644 690B
DrawWorld.yab 100644 5.34kB
DropWorld.yab 100644 758B
EvenMoreControls.yab 100644 406B
FakeTransparency.yab 100644 1.28kB
Filebox.yab 100644 3.05kB
FileboxDemo.yab 100644 1.11kB
GUI-World.yab 100644 19.06kB
IconWorld.yab 100644 1.04kB
ImageWorld.yab 100644 539B
JDemo.yab 100644 1.54kB
Keyboard.yab 100644 3.4kB
Loop-World.yab 100644 12.35kB
MessageWorld.yab 100644 9.74kB
MouseWorld.yab 100644 1.97kB
Ping.yab 100644 925B
Pong.yab 100644 480B
SlideDemo.yab 100644 794B
SliderWorld.yab 100644 1.14kB
Sokoban.yab 100644 8.31kB
TreeDemo.yab 100644 702B
Typewriter.yab 100644 1.46kB
Walk.yab 100644 731B
WindowWorld.yab 100644 1.25kB
yab_testsong.mp3 100644 1.66MB
# YAB yab | yet another Basic for HAIKU === Yab is a complete BASIC programming language for Haiku. Yab allows fast prototyping with simple and clean code. yab contains a large number of BeAPI specific commands for GUI creation and much, much more. yab-IDE is a powerful development environment, which of course is programmed in yab itself. Compiling --------------------- run `make`in the directory. type `gcc -o yab-compress yab-compress.c -lz` in `/yab-IDE/BuildFactory`. LICENSE: Artistic License -- Create your own stand-alone binaries with yab under any license you want. AUTHOR: jan__64 yab homepage: IRC channel: Network: Freenode Channel: #yab Other Packages --------------------- BuildFactory is in a new package Yab-IDE is in a new package Yab-Documentation is in a new package