/*  URLView 2.11
	written by William Kakes of Tall Hill Software.
	This class provides an underlined and clickable BStringView
	that will launch the web browser, e-mail program, or FTP client
	when clicked on.  Other features include hover-highlighting,
	right-click	menus, and drag-and-drop support.

	You are free to use URLView in your own programs (both open-source
	and closed-source) free of charge, but a mention in your read me
	file or your program's about box would be appreciated.  See
	http://www.tallhill.com	for current contact information.
	URLView is provided as-is, with no warranties of any kind.  If
	you use it, you are on your own.

#ifndef TH_URL_VIEW_H
#define TH_URL_VIEW_H

#include <Cursor.h>
#include <List.h>
#include <Mime.h>
#include <PopUpMenu.h>
#include <String.h>
#include <StringView.h>

// This is the link's mouse cursor (a replica of NetPositive's link cursor).
const uint8 url_cursor[] = { 16, 1, 1, 2,
	// This is the cursor data.
	0x00, 0x00, 0x38, 0x00, 0x24, 0x00, 0x24, 0x00,
	0x13, 0xe0,	0x12, 0x5c,	0x09, 0x2a,	0x08, 0x01,
	0x3c, 0x21,	0x4c, 0x71,	0x42, 0x71,	0x30, 0xf9,
	0x0c, 0xf9,	0x02, 0x00,	0x01, 0x00,	0x00, 0x00,
	// This is the cursor mask.
	0x00, 0x00,	0x38, 0x00,	0x3c, 0x00,	0x3c, 0x00,
	0x1f, 0xe0,	0x1f, 0xfc, 0x0f, 0xfe,	0x0f, 0xff,
	0x3f, 0xff,	0x7f, 0xff,	0x7f, 0xff,	0x3f, 0xff,
	0x0f, 0xff,	0x03, 0xfe,	0x01, 0xf8,	0x00, 0x00,

// The default link color, blue.
const rgb_color blue =		{ 0, 0, 255 };
// The default clicked-link color, red.
const rgb_color dark_green  = { 107, 142, 035 };
// The default link hover color, dark blue.
const rgb_color dark_blue =	{ 0, 0, 120 };
// The default disabled color, gray.
const rgb_color gray = { 100, 100, 100 };

class URLView : public BStringView {
								URLView( BRect frame, const char *name, const char *label, const char *url,
										  uint32 resizingMode = B_FOLLOW_LEFT | B_FOLLOW_TOP,
										  uint32 flags = B_WILL_DRAW );
		virtual void			AttachedToWindow();
		virtual void			Draw( BRect updateRect );
		virtual void			MessageReceived( BMessage *message );
		virtual void			MouseDown( BPoint point );
		virtual void			MouseMoved( BPoint point, uint32 transit, const BMessage *message );
		virtual void			MouseUp( BPoint point );
		virtual void			WindowActivated( bool active );
		virtual void			AddAttribute( const char *name, const char *value );
		virtual bool			IsEnabled();
		virtual void			SetColor( rgb_color color );
		virtual void			SetColor( uchar red, uchar green, uchar blue, uchar alpha = 255 );
		virtual void			SetClickColor( rgb_color color );
		virtual void			SetClickColor( uchar red, uchar green, uchar blue, uchar alpha = 255 );
		virtual void			SetDisabledColor( rgb_color color );
		virtual void			SetDisabledColor( uchar red, uchar green, uchar blue, uchar alpha = 255 );
		virtual void			SetDraggable( bool draggable );
		virtual void			SetEnabled( bool enabled );
		virtual void			SetHoverColor( rgb_color color );
		virtual void			SetHoverColor( uchar red, uchar green, uchar blue, uchar alpha = 255 );
		virtual void			SetHoverEnabled( bool hover );
		virtual void			SetIconSize( icon_size iconSize );
		virtual void			SetUnderlineThickness( int thickness );
		virtual void			SetURL( const char *url );
		//virtual void MouseMoved(BPoint point, uint32 transit, const BMessage *message);
          //      virtual void MouseUp(BPoint point);
             //   virtual void MouseDown(BPoint point);
                int mouseStateInfo;
                int mouseMovedInfo;
                int mouseX;
                int mouseY;
                uint mouseLButton;
                uint mouseMButton;
                uint mouseRButton;
		void					CopyToClipboard();
		void					CreateBookmark( const BString *fullName, const BString *title );
		void					CreatePerson( const BString *fullName, const BString *title );
		BPopUpMenu				*CreatePopupMenu();
		void					DoBookmarkDrag();
		void					DoPersonDrag();
		BString					GetImportantURL();
		BRect					GetTextRect();
		BRect					GetURLRect();
		bool					IsEmailLink();
		bool					IsFTPLink();
		bool					IsHTMLLink();
		void					LaunchURL();
		void					Redraw();
		void					WriteAttributes( int fd );
		BString					*url;
		rgb_color				color;
		rgb_color				clickColor;
		rgb_color				hoverColor;
		rgb_color				disabledColor;
		bool					enabled;
		bool					hoverEnabled;
		bool					draggable;
		int						underlineThickness;
		int						iconSize;
		bool					selected;
		bool					hovering;
		bool					draggedOut;
		bool					inPopup;
		const BCursor			*linkCursor;
		BPoint					dragOffset;
		BList					*attributes;
		int prevMouseStateInfo;
		typedef struct kp {
			BString *key;
			BString *value;
		} KeyPair;

#endif																	// TH_URL_VIEW